“Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story” & Giant Magic Milk Experiment

Giant Magic Milk Experiment

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An Scientific Book & Giant Magic Milk Experiment

After reading Jennifer Morgan’s “Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story” Book One (of three); we decided to try the Giant Magic Milk Experiment we had seen on another awesome blog, hellowonderful.co. I’m so excited by the results we had and can’t wait to show you! So, let’s get started…

Summary of “Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story”

Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story” is written by Jennifer Morgan and has breathtaking illustrations by Dana Lynne Andersen. This book is the first in a series of three books.

It is written in the voice of the universe talking to a human, making comparisons between the birth of a baby and the birth of the universe, as well as, not being able to stay small just like a person cannot stay small. It talks about how the universe started out as “a tiny speck” with lots of dreams. Over the next 9 billion years (the timeframe this story covers) many of the dreams came to be a reality as the universe realized the power it held inside.

I love how well the whimsical illustrations tell the story. In fact they inspired a fun Galaxy Art project we did last year and repeated again on a giant scale recently, you can check it out here. Each time you turn the page, one side holds a gorgeous illustration and the other has text. They do a great job of keeping a complex topic relatively simple and highlighting the words that hold the key message, which allows you to read just that part if your child isn’t ready for all of the details just yet. This story also contains a timeline along the top of each worded page so you can follow along where you are in the history of evolution. Definitely recommended.

Giant Magic Milk Experiment?

milk pouring onto a tray

You might be wondering… “What is that?” or “How is this not just going to be a sensory mess?” There are many ways to answer these two common questions…

First, the most basic answer to “What you could do with a Giant Magic Milk Experiment?” is… have Fun. Sensory play (and this science experiment) are not about “doing” something specific. They are about exploring, feeling, listening, watching, problem solving, creating, etc… Although there are steps to follow initially, this is an open-ended activity. Just as each child has their own unique personality, experience, and preference in play, the outcome of this activity is just as special.

4 trays lined up with milk and food color drips on top.

As for the second question, Yes, this is a messy one! But, I hear you. I’ve been asked that question many times. Therefore, a detailed answer, along with strategies for successful messy sensory play, can be found by reading, “What about the Sensory Mess?”

How We Conducted the Giant Magic Milk Experiment…

milk with food coloring with dish soap cotton balls in it

We tend to keep the activities as simple as possible around here. We’re not interested in complicated or costly. We are also all about fostering independence. So, when we saw this experiment on hellowonderful.co we knew it was a great fit for us.

First things first, we gathered all the materials, which included 4 large trays and a gallon of milk, so we headed outdoors. My daughter loved being able to pour an entire gallon of milk onto all the trays. We decided to really turn this into an experiment by adding heavy cream to two of the four trays of milk; to see if it makes a difference. So, she poured that as well.

magic milk experiment rainbow colors flowing

Next, we chose which food coloring colors we wanted to use. It varied from tray to tray; which was a bonus of using different trays instead of one big milk pool. My daughter squeezed a drop here and a drop there. Then we soaked the cotton balls in dish soap and excitedly placed a bunch of them together onto the first tray on top of the food coloring spots.

magic milk experiment with red and blue colors flowing towards each other

Instantly we were amazed by the colors spreading out; which looked quite similar to those seen in the book! It was awesome! We took turns adding the cotton balls here and there seeing differences in colors that were alone vs. rainbows of colors in a group. Our hypothesis of the heavy cream being even better was incorrect. The heavy cream did not seem to make a difference at all, which was okay.

magic milk experiment with red and blue colors swirling

However, there was one problem, it was over too fast and left us desiring a more hands on experience, which is why we repeated the giant magic milk experiment again!

Giant Magic Milk Experiment take 2!

hand squeezing sponge in a blue and red magic milk experiment

This time we used one big pool of milk instead of the trays. We also soaked sponges cut into fun shapes in dish soap and food coloring thinking more soap would equal more of a reaction (a.k.a. our new hypothesis). However, not a lot happened 🙁 No real swirling beautiful colors like last time, not until my daughter squeezed the sponges. She of course loved this hands on aspect and it was beautiful in a different way, but there was no wow factor in color dispersement. We learned less is not more, so learn from us and know that more dish soap will equal less of a reaction.

hands dipped in magic milk experiment with fun shaped sponges

I think the third time will be the charm of getting hands on and dreamy swirls of colors, so stay tuned! I would suggest conducting your own Giant Magic Milk Experiment if you’re looking for a quick and fun outdoor activity to connect with your child.

Materials We Used

  1. “Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story” Book One by Jennifer Morgan (from the library or buy it here)
  2. A gallon of full fat milk
  3. Trays or large storage container
  4. Food coloring
  5. Dish soap
  6. Cotton balls
  7. Sponges (optional)
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How to Conduct a Giant Magic Milk Experiment?

  1. Gather all the materials and bring them outside.
  2. Open the milk.
  3. Pour the milk onto the trays or into the large container.
  4. Open the food coloring.
  5. Squeeze the food coloring drop by drop wherever it is desired on the milk.
  6. Open the dish soap.
  7. Squeeze a little dish soap onto the cotton ball.
  8. Place the cotton ball on top of a drop of food coloring.
  9. Watch the colors swirls about.
  10. Repeat the process by moving the cotton ball to another drop of food coloring or using more cotton balls with dish soap on them.
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Wait, There’s More…

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