“Can I Play Too?” Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls

"Can I Play Too?" book on a tray of colored spaghetti with wiffle balls

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A Funny Book (series) & Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls!

After reading Mo Willem’s “Can I Play too?” I had a fun thought, what if we played with colored spaghetti & wiffle balls! It is an unusual combination to say the least, but it brought the book to life and proved to be a great combination! I can’t wait for you to see. So, let’s get started…

Summary of “Can I Play Too?”

First, let me start off by saying, if you haven’t been introduced to the Elephant & Piggie books by Mo Willems… Welcome! You might know Author Mo Willems by some of his other works, including, the “Knuffle Bunny” series or “The Pigeon” series. But as much as we adore the Knuffle Bunny trilogy; Piggie & Gerald (the name of the elephant) are definitely our favorite! They are very funny beginning readers with simplistic drawings and text; that somehow always manage to deliver a great message (and lots of laughter).

Can I Play Too?” by Mo Willems is a silly story about a snake who interrupts Piggie & Gerald playing catch with a ball, to ask, “Can I play too?”. At first they don’t know what to say, uncomfortable about turning him down, but are confused how he could play catch without arms.

Our favorite part of the story is when they tell him “You do not have arms”, to which the snake answers, “I do not have arms!?! Aaaaaagh!!!” while quickly slithering away. Only to come back laughing a moment later, reassuring them he already knew that, lol.

Throughout the rest of the story; they problem solve and try different ways to play all together. I would definitely recommend this book and series, its amazing.

Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls?

You might be wondering… “What do you do with it?” or “How is this not just going to be a sensory mess?” There are many ways to answer these two common questions…

a baby hand touching colored spaghetti

First, the most basic answer to “What you could do with Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls?” is… have Messy Fun. Sensory play at its finest is not about “doing” something specific. It is about exploring, feeling, listening, watching, problem solving, creating, etc… This is an open-ended activity. Just as each child has their own unique personality, experience, and preference in play, the outcome of this activity is just as special.

hands playing with colored papta and other hands threading spaghetti through wiffle balls

As for the second question, Yes, this is a very messy one! But, I hear you. I’ve been asked that question many times. Therefore, a detailed answer, along with strategies for successful messy sensory play, can be found by reading, “What about the Sensory Mess?”

What We Did with Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls…

We tend to keep the activities as simple as possible around here. We’re not interested in complicated or costly. We are also all about fostering independence. For this activity, my cousin and her kids were visiting. My daughter and her cousins quickly began trying to thread the pasta through the holes in the wiffle balls. We had two different sized balls, both with holes. This was quite the challenge (even for us grown ups). My Godson decided he was going to push the pasta into the holes (great eye hand coordination and fine motor work).

six hands showing colored spaghetti friendship bracelets on each wrist

His sister decided she was going to make spaghetti bracelets instead; which turned into friendship bracelet making with the spaghetti. They each took turns tying the spaghetti onto each others wrists. I love how the theme of friendship in the story came out unexpectedly in their sensory play!

a boy with colored spaghetti on his head and a mess of pasta and wiffle balls all over the table

They all enjoyed touching it with their hands (and feet). Eventually, they decided it was time for spaghetti wigs; which involved them all having a huge helping of colored spaghetti plopped right on top of their heads, walking around with a new persona, lol. My daughter grabbed some blue and green for her wig and told me she was a mermaid. They had so much fun.

Was it messy? You betcha, there was pasta everywhere; but it was so worth it! I would suggest Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls sensory play if you’re looking for a silly activity to connect with your child.

Materials We Used

  1. “Can I Play Too?” by Mo Willems (from the library or buy it here)
  2. A box of spaghetti
  3. Food coloring
  4. Vinegar
  5. Gallon sized plastic bags
  6. Tray
  7. Wax paper
  8. Wiffle balls
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How to Make Colored Spaghetti with Wiffle Balls?

  1. Cook the box of spaghetti following the directions on the box for firm pasta.
    Once cooled…
  2. Divide the pasta into gallon sized plastic bags for each color.
  3. Squeeze some food coloring into the bag with a tablespoon of vinegar and mix thoroughly.
  4. Lay wax paper on a tray.
  5. Lay the colored spaghetti onto the wax papered tray.
  6. Let set.
  7. Gather a few wiffle balls.
  8. Invite your child to play.
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Wait, There’s More…

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