Process Art & Picture Books: FARM Complete Materials List!

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Books we paired with Process Art…

  1. “Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type” by Doreen Cronin
  2. “The Farmyard Jamboree” by Margaret Read MacDonald
  3. “Silly Tilly” by Eileen Spinelli
  4. “Huff & Puff” by Claudia Rueda

Materials We Used…

  1. A disposable glove
  2. Black permanent marker (optional)
  3. A sewing needle
  4. Paint (Red, Yellow & Blue) – Any kind can work, we used tempera paint but in the past acrylic has worked just fine too. 
  5. Cardstock paper – You could use watercolor paper but it’s more expensive, or regular copy paper but doesn’t hold up as well.
  6. Baking pan 9×13
  7. Rubber bands
  8. Q-tips
  9. Squeeze Bottles
  10. A paintbrush
  11. Tray
  12. Bubbles with wand
  13. Food Coloring (Red, Yellow & Blue)
  14. Small bowls
  15. Tape
  16. A straw (optional)
  17. A ladle (optional)
  18. Scissors
  19. Glue